Betsafe casino review : how to win at slot machines

Betsafe is a major gambling service provider. Founded in 2006, it joined the Betsson Group in 2011 and has branches in dozens of countries. His slogan translates as “Enter to win” and reflects a passion for games of the same strength as the passion for the brand that sets the operator apart. What is today’s casino – a great cheater or a serious competitor of William Hill ? Is Betsafe a divorce and a fraudulent resource or a solid organization? Let’s separate the grains from the tares and see what’s going on. Betsafe is an online casino review, opinions and reviews. 

Casino platform

Betsafe is a multi-lingual platform that brings together over 600,000 players from over 100 countries. The project started in 2006 and managed to gain a foothold in the international market in the first years.

  • The company was registered in Malta, which also adds to the trust of its users.
  • The platform combines a casino and a bookmaker’s office without losing its download speed.
  • Updated html-technology allows to reduce the load on the server and increase the speed of data processing.
  • The software was purchased both from well-known manufacturers (NetEnd, Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptographic), and from beginners in business.
  • There are own developments – exclusive content available only on the provider’s resources.
  • The number of Betsafe titles is few and far between: in total, the operator offers more than 1000 products.

Players like fast (compared to analogue casinos) withdrawal, quality graphics and a rich game collection. SSL and TLS encryption is used for security. Online casino version For each country in which the casino “nest”, the company has developed a separate site. But the main one, of course, is British. However, the Betsafe stylistics is maintained in all resources. As is common in most modern manufacturers, the design of the site is minimalistic. Color menu muted dark gray, a bright accent stands out promotions and preview games. The gaming lobby is built in the form of a grid and is divided into categories: all games, news, exclusive, slots, video poker, board games.

For ease of navigation, a filter by manufacturer and game type has been added, as well as a search string. Advertising on the site unobtrusive: unlike most gembling resources, there are no pop-up banners, hints, suggestions to connect the service, etc. Betsafe is limited to a slider at the top of the screen and several previews. We are pleased to have detailed registration information right in the footer: there is no need to look deep to find it. In general, the site inspires confidence and a desire to hold on to make a bet or two. There are only 8 language versions, but among them there is English, which, in general, closes the question with translation. In addition, you can always use an online translator of your browser. The lack of free content spoils the impression a little. However, if you take into account that most of them are the same games, it becomes clear why the provider did not spend time on them: most gamers have already tried them on other sites.

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